Camp Peniel to Launch “Eikona” Program

Eikona - Camp Peniel

We are always looking for new ways that we can encourage Christian spiritual formation through learning and service” says Mitchell DeWare, Director of Ministries at Camp Peniel. “That is why we are launching this new partnership and adventure!”

“Eikona” (meaning in His image) is a partnership program developed between Bird River Bible Camp (located in Manitoba) and Camp Peniel (located in Nova Scotia). Specifically geared toward people ages 18 to 25, the concept behind Eikona is to provide an amazing outdoor experience designed around encouraging personal spiritual growth and discovery.

Running from January to June, 2012, this incredible 6 month program focuses on three specific areas: outdoor skills, Christian spiritual formation and mission opportunities. Participants will spend the first half of their time at Bird River Bible Camp before travelling to Montreal for a week and then completing the program at Camp Peniel.

So what should students expect? They will gain skills in an outdoor setting with experiences in flatwater canoe instruction, backpacking, snowshoeing, ice / rock climbing and wilderness first aid (to name a few). It is also an environment for learning through a mentoring relationship, focused studies on particular books of the Bible and courses taught in practical theology, book studies and general living skills. There are also opportunities for urban service in Winnipeg, a week long mission in Montreal and service opportunities in a camp ministry setting.

“Bird River ran this program a couple of years ago, but this time around they wanted to do it with Camp Peniel” says Christine J. Long, Executive Director at Camp Peniel. “So we’re excited to see how God will use this opportunity to build his Kingdom.”

If you or someone you know might be interested in being a part of Eikona, get all the information you need, including application information, at: or contact one of Camp Peniel’s friendly staff by phone at (902) 649-2471.

Camp Peniel is an extension of the ministry of the Yarmouth Association of Baptist Churches and of the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches.

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