Filling in the Gap

middletonMost parents can identify with this dilemma – your child’s school has scheduled a full or half day in-service for teachers and can’t take time off work. In a day when single parents and many families with two incomes struggle to make ends meet, finding adequate child care options for their children is often challenging.

Middleton Baptist Church (NS) has developed an solution to this dilemma. Acadia Divinity College student and Student Intern Pastor Jennifer Smith oversees this program as one part of the church’s community outreach initiatives.

“On half day in-services at the Elementary school in town, parents have a difficult time finding appropriate childcare. I have a group of volunteers from the church who meet the children at the school at dismissal time and walk them to the church where they have lunch and then enjoy an afternoon of educational and fun activities as well as a snack and some free play time before their parents pick them up. We run this each month and I have had a lot of positive feedback from parents, children and the volunteers about the program.”

“Each month we have different activities which up to 40 children (divided into small groups) get to participate in. Some of these have included learning to make pizza, changing a tire on a car, storytelling, various crafts etc. During February’s in-service day, we offered cookie decorating, lego games, science explosions, a scavenger hunt and a craft.”

“The benefits of this program have gone much further than I had ever dreamed of when the program was developed. It was mainly a way of assisting parents and children in our community on days which those who work outside the home or go to school themselves find difficult. However, relationships are being built, teamwork between the church and the school is strengthening, children who have never set foot in a church are hearing about God (some for the first time) and more has come from this endeavor.”

We love to share stories like this for a couple of reasons. First, we want to share and celebrate what God is doing in your church and community and how He moves His people to be involved. Secondly, our hope is that these stories may be inspirational for you and your church. If you are inspired and you believe God is calling your church to minister to your community in a similar way, feel free to make contact with the church in this story or contact us and we can help facilitate the conversation.

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