Jody Linkletter Farewell

Dr. Jody Linkletter began serving in 2004 doing research and surveys for the CABC, and since 2006 she has been one of the Association Directors of Youth and Family Ministries and most recently has been serving as the Interim Director of Youth and Family Ministries.

Dr. Peter Reid reflects on Jody’s impact and legacy: “Her work and passion for this ministry has been deeply appreciated. We value both Jody and the work she has done for the CABC and regret that she will be leaving the department. Her passion, sacrificial dedication and motivation have helped us be better and will leave a positive legacy for the youth, families, and youth leaders of the CABC.”

Watch the video as Jody reflects on her time with the CABC and hear her challenge to make room and not give up on the next generations.