New Cornwall Welcomes New Pastor

New Cornwall

On March 1st, the New Cornwall United Baptist Church will welcome Rev. Tom Davidson as their new Pastor. This is somewhat of an historical event as Rev. Davidson will become the first Pastor to live in the community.

The church, which was part of a three point field, is now being served on a half time basis like the other two churches. The Annual Reports show that New Cornwall has moved into this position because of a desire “to grow”. Over the past years, the worship attendance has increased by 85% and membership by 25%.
Beginning three years ago, they grew from having only two services per month to
services each week. Bible Study also began on a weekly basis with a
total of twenty-two in attendance, with an average this year of about seventeen.

Rev. Doug Porter, who has been serving as part time Pastor, is excited that the church has taken this bold step. He says “It is a step of faith on both the
part of the church family and Rev. Davidson, in a time when many smaller
congregations are losing their identity, to work together and to continue to give leadership through growth.”

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