Refresh 2011 Reflections

Refresh 2011

The REFRESH Ministry Wives Retreat 2011 splashed down at the Ramada, Crystal Place on the November 5-6 weekend. Seventy women packed their bags, carpooling their way to Moncton, NB. So – how was it? Well I decided to get the perspective of one of the 15 first timers, Dee Kohler. She describes her ‘first-time’ experience this way:

It’s true. I was reticent about going by myself, to a retreat for ladies. I don’t really think of myself as a “lady” and didn’t know if I would fit in with a group of them. But my husband kept encouraging me to go, and then God made it so clear that I signed up. So I went. And you know when you’re scared, but you take the risk anyway and things turn out better than you thought they would? This was like that.
It was so refreshing to be away from my town, church life, kids, daily responsibilities, and get to be just “me” for a weekend. I had some deep conversations, deepened friendships, and made new friends. I also laughed so hard that I lost my voice for a whole week after the conference. It was great to be with other sisters in Christ who were walking down the road of ministry with their husbands – we all shared that experience, no matter where we were from or what age we were.
The weekend was a balm to my soul. I literally felt renewed and revived coming home. It was worth the risk. And I’m already looking forward to next year.

Thanks Dee for your reflection … I could not have described it better myself! The weekend theme, “Live, Laugh, Love” in Christ was sprinkled over us with grace, humour, love, and vulnerability by Wendy Jones. Her words refreshed us, and challenged us to live as real followers of Christ in every situation that ministry life brings. Thank you Wendy!

From the times of worshipping together, learning, eating, and playing together we became very aware of a fellowship of sisters from across the Atlantic Provinces. Thank you too to our Atlantic Baptist Convention, Foundation and to the many businesses who supplied support and gifts.

Looking forward to another great retreat next year, Nov. 2-4, 2012 at Bayside Camp, Sambro Head, Ketch Harbour, NS.

Submitted by: Laura Sherwood

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