Senior Staff Search Committee Update


Well, it seems spring has arrived! Not only does the calendar tell us, but so does the weather we’ve been having. It’s a small reminder to us of God’s involvement in every aspect of our lives.

I wanted to update you on some of what is happening in our Convention. Specifically, I want to let you know what is happening with our search for new staff.

The search for new staff to help with the renewed and revitalized vision for CABC is well underway. The positions have been advertized for several weeks and have been posted on the website. We are looking for people to fill the positions of; the three Associate Executive Ministers, Director of Ethnic Ministries and Director of Spiritual Formation and Clergy Care.

You may also be interested in who is a part of the Search Committee: Rev. Dr. Lennett Anderson (Emmanuel Baptist Church), Rev. Dr. Bob Knowles (New Minas Baptist), Mrs. Bev Robart (member of First Baptist Church Moncton), Miss Cherry Thorne (Convention Council) and Rev. Daniel Walton, President. The Executive Minister, Rev. Dr. Peter Reid is also part of this process and will serve on the committee as we work through the applications.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Wendy Jones, Co-ordinator of Ministry Priorities the office by phone (506-635-1922) or e-mail ( Thank you for your patience and support during this time.

Please continue to pray for us as we look ahead. It is our desire to have people in place as soon as possible, but we want the people of God’s choosing to be a part of this. Thank you for partnering with us as a Council in all the ways you do already. If it wasn’t for each one of you we wouldn’t exist as a Convention. We are grateful for the opportunity to do ministry together with you.

Serving together,

Rev. Daniel Walton
President, CABC

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