Seder Supper in Wentworth

Seder Supper Greeters

A Seder Supper was held on Friday April 22nd at the Wentworth Baptist Church with help from the Wentworth United Church.

Guests were greeted by some town locals (Aubery Giffin & Faye Henderson).
The church used an abbreviated form of the traditional Passover service. The traditional service can last up to six hours so some parts were shortened to give an overall understanding of what takes place at a Passover Seder. This is the celebration that Jesus and his disciples celebrated at the Last Supper. Passover is a celebration to remember God’s deliverance of Israel from slavery in Egypt. The story is found in Exodus.


The order of service is called the “Haggadah” … comes from the Hebrew word “to tell”. “Tonight we are telling the story of God’s great redemption of Israel. Bringing them out of slavery and into freedom. This “Haggadah” has been prepared to tell also of God’s redemptive grace through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, his Messiah.”

After the Seder, a pot luck was enjoyed by all. 52 people were in attendance.

Pictured: Greeters Aubery Giffin and Faye Henderson from Wentworth Baptist Church; Rev. Darryl Dykens (Wentworth Baptist Church) and Lic. Stephen Cochcrane (Wentworth United Church).

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