Sharing Christ in Pluralistic Canadian Society

Dr. Jim Beverley

Evangelism Conference, October 3-6, 2011. A Message and Invitation from Dr. Jim Beverley:

I’m really excited about the opportunity to be with Atlantic Baptist leaders for your Conference on Evangelism. In 1978, at the ripe age of 24, I became a professor at Atlantic Baptist College (now Crandall University). One of my first courses was on the Gospel and other religions. That became a lifelong specialty. Now I’m given this chance to share from what I have seen and learned in the past 30 years about relating Jesus to the religions and philosophies of pluralistic Canada. I can’t wait to be with you in beautiful St. Andrews, New Brunswick.

The sessions are designed to deal with the most important issues in relating the Gospel to pluralistic Canada. And this is not just about Toronto or Vancouver or Montreal. One of the most famous Buddhist groups in the world is based in Cape Breton. One of the most influential Muslim teachers worldwide is based in Halifax. A small religion that can endanger your life has churches in Moncton and Saint John. Atheists have organizational outreach in three Atlantic Provinces. I can guarantee you that you will find the topics we explore fascinating. In fact, I still find some things we will discuss mind-boggling and almost unbelievable. We will go beyond academic learning and will deal with crucial, life-changing information and practical strategies on reaching others for Jesus. Finally, and most important, our time together will inspire confidence about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the importance of mission in our country.

Our six sessions will cover three major themes: Proper Basics, Proper Understanding, and Proper Witness.

  1. Proper Basics (Monday evening/Tuesday morning)
    • 10 Tests for Truth Hunters
    • 10 Keys for Gospel Relations
    • Destroying the Biggest Lie
    • Looking in the Baptist Mirror
    • The Remarkable and Unique Case for Jesus
  2. Proper Understanding (Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning)
    • The Oprah Factor
    • Saving Tom Cruise & Ruining Your Life
    • Big Blunders on Islam
    • Halloween Night with the Witches
    • What Rev. Moon and His Followers Taught Me about Truth
    • E-mail lessons from the Church of Satan
    • Mormonism, Public Relations, and Rumors of Change
  3. Proper Witness (Wednesday evening/Thursday morning)
    • Thriving in a Pluralist and Postmodernist World: Patterns from Paul in Athens
    • Learning Confidence with a world-famous atheist
    • Hard Choices on “Gold Dust” Faith
    • Changing a Hindu Woman’s Life
    • Sharing Jesus with the Dalai Lama (and everyday Buddhists)
    • Resting in the Power of God

I look forward to seeing you there.

Click here to register! (Note: Registration for the Conference has been extended to September 15th.)

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