South End Baptist Receives Grant

On June 13, 2012 South End Baptist Church was pleased to be a recipient of a grant from the Dartmouth Community Health Board for there after-school program for children called ‘KidZ Afternoon Out’. There were over 60 applications for grant funding this year and the board recognized South End’s work among 30 agencies and organizations which received funding.

Serving 39 children from the community over the past year, the program’s goal is to build a sense of belonging in the community by reaching out to interact with its youngest members and their parent/guardian(s) through compassionate care emphasizing on the well-being, health and safety (mind/body/spirit) of all within this community.

Pastor Michael Vlahos describes the program: “We welcome the children from the neighborhood and especially the neighboring Southdale/North Woodside Elementary School to an after school program where children can enter a safe place to engage in games, story, crafts, song and a shared meal.”

The church’s goal is to provide the children of the community with a safe place where they can:

  • experience and learn to value diversity within community;
  • learn interpersonal and social skills in team play;
  • expand their horizons and imagination with creative arts;
  • build self confidence and self esteem through challenge, affirmation and support;
  • receive a full nourishing meal.

As a Convention, we are thrilled to hear stories about how churches are reaching out into their communities. If your church has an interesting story you want to share, email us.

2 Responses to “South End Baptist Receives Grant”

Michael VlahosAugust 13th, 2012 at 2:10 pm

Yes it was a blessing to receive recognition and financial support from the wider community which affirmed the value of our service to the community…. Lic. Angela Oliver is our child and youth leader who spearheaded this program with her spouse Lic. Steven Oliver. Together they oversee the program with a dedicated team of volunteers with widespread support from the congregation.