Student Research Projects

An important part of university study involves research and surveys that can help students learn more about a particular aspect or issue in their major field of study. These research projects can often have benefits for the community or group that is being asked to complete these surveys.

Below are two current research projects from fourth year Crandall University students needing to gather information for their honours thesis research projects. We are asking for your participation in these projects. Please read further for more details, the scope of information they are trying to gather, links to surveys and who is eligible to complete these surveys.

  • Ben deJong – Department of Psychology, Crandall University. Looking for participants to complete a questionnaire that is intended to examine attachment to parents, God, and the church. Must be 18 years or older and able to read and write English.
    • Description – My thesis is focused on the attachments that may be found in the adult children of pastors (PKs), missionaries (MKs), and regular church attenders (RCAs). It specifically examines the attachments these individuals have to their parents, to God, and the church. After examining attachment theory’s origins, my paper examines the current research that has been done examining all three of these forms of attachment. Unfortunately, there is very little research that has been completed regarding these children and their attachments despite their constant exposure to ministry in the case of PKs and MKs. What I wish to know is whether or not these three groups of individuals grow up to perceive their parents, God, and the church differently. Based on my literature review, PKs and MKs experience far more expected stressor events than RAKs. Current research indicates that if frequent stressor events are not handled effectively by the parents then the children may become detached from their parents, and by extension the church and God. My objective is to find out if there are any perceivable differences in these attachments and how secure these attachments are. Since this area is vastly understudied, I hope this research may be able to spark further studies on this topic and an interest in the well-being of these children.
    • Survey Link
    • Deadline – February 14, 2017
  • Jonathan Schut – Department of Business Administration, Crandall University.
    • Description – The purpose of my research is to establish how our churches can effectively utilize the fundamental principles of management (planning, organizing, leading, and controlling) in order to enhance our ministries. Participants would include pastors, administrators, ministry staff, deacons, volunteers, and members.
    • Survey Link
    • Deadline – February 10, 2017

From time to time, the CBAC receives requests for assistance on research projects, particularly request for our churches and pastors to participate in surveys for these projects. Often they come from students doing research for undergrad, masters level or doctoral level programs. While we are not always able to honour all requests, we do consider them. One of the criteria we evaluate the requests by is the possible value of the research to our churches. While privacy laws and our own privacy policy prohibits us from giving out names and contact information, we can distribute the requests to our pastors and churches by email and social media. Thank you for considering your participation in these surveys.

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