The Bible

the-bible-miniseriesYou’ve probably heard the buzz about “The Bible” a new miniseries airing Sunday March 3rd on the History Channel. Produced by Roma Downey (“Touched by an Angel”) and her husband Mark Burnett (“Survivor”, “The Voice”), it’s estimated that nearly 1 billion people will view the miniseries.

The story unfolds over 5 weeks and will give the viewers an opportunity to experience the Bible like never before. And it’s not limited to a select viewing audience in churches or theatres; it will be on The History Channel and likely will be available to be viewed online (followed by DVD & BluRay). From viewing the trailers, it’s obvious the story of hope, grace and redemption will be portrayed in a way that will capture people’s attention and move the heart of the audience.

What you may not be aware of is the connection this film has to our region. Dr. Craig Evans, the Payzant Distinguished Professor of New Testament Studies at our own Acadia Divinity College, was one of about forty people that consulted on the miniseries with Downey and Burnett. Dr. Evans has authored and/or edited more than fifty books and hundreds of articles and reviews dealing with Biblical Archealogy, Jesus, as well as the Dead Sea Scrolls. He was asked to author a companion book (The Bible & You: God’s Story Of Love & Transformation) to the miniseries which is designed to help people understand the Bible stories and the purpose of the Bible. We are very privileged to call Craig our own as Atlantic Baptists. You can find out more about him on his website –

As churches we should be aware that many people in your community will be watching this series. We should also be prepared that God’s Spirit will move people to ask questions. Some of our churches are already planning on using this as an outreach tool. Your church can also plan on doing this after the DVD/BluRay release.

You can view more videos here or learn more from the official website:

Tune in Sunday night.

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