The World in Crisis

world-crisisWe can’t turn on the news these days without hearing about a new crisis popping up somewhere in the world. Ukraine, Israel, Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Liberia, Nigeria. Countries at war. Christians and people of other faiths being terrorized and killed. Ebola outbreak. And this is only the news topping the headlines.

I guess we’re the lucky ones – we can turn off our TVs, radio, phones, etc., and continue on our day. Those living in the middle of these crises can’t…they only wish they could.

How God’s heart must ache to see His creation in turmoil! And how it should make our hearts ache.

“Dear friends, since God loved us that much, we surely ought to love each other.” 1 John 4:11

It’s hard to know how we can show God’s love to our brothers and sisters who are so far away. One thing we can do is pray for them. Let’s turn the ache into action.

Pray that the ebola outbreak can be contained and those who need treatment will receive it. Pray for those on the front lines caring for those in need.

Pray for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine, Russia, Gaza and Israel. And pray for the respective governments that peace will prevail.

Pray for the Christians being persecuted in Iraq and Syria by this terror organization ISIS. Pray that these tragedies may be stopped

Pray that God will intervene mightily in each of these situations.

And we can pray that God will show us how we can respond and offer assistance.

Canadian Baptist through Canadian Baptist Ministries are stepping to offer help where they can:

  • Ebola Crisis – The ebola crisis in West Africa continues to grow affecting Liberia, Nigeria and surrounding countries with more than 3500 cases reported and nearly 1900 deaths reported according to the World Health Organization.
    Canadian Baptist Ministries has committed $10,000 to assist Zion Grove Baptist Church in Brewerville, Liberia to distribute sanitizers and sprays hoping to reach 5,000 people.
    To donate to the relief effort, click here.
  • Gaza – CBM has committed $5,800 USD to help feed approximately 100 families through the distribution of food packages containing rice, corn, oil, beans, etc.
    You can help support the powerful Christian witness and compassionate response of Gaza Baptist Church during this time of crisis. To donate, click here.
  • Iraq – The Baptist World Alliance is supporting displaced Iraqi Christians – Funds given by the BWA will be used to help provide food and other urgent relief supplies to approximately 500 Iraqi Christian families who fled Mosul and Karakosh to Irbil city in Kurdistan state.
    Christians fled in haste without their possessions, including clothing. Money, jewelry and other valuables were stolen or confiscated.
    A sum of US$90 is needed for mattresses, blankets and a two-week food supply for an average family of six persons. Baptists and other Christian groups providing assistance expect the need to last through several months.

How is God calling you to respond?

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