TI 2011 Fundraiser Sussex Baptist Church

TI 2011 Fundraiser

The youth from Sussex United Baptist Church (Sussex NB) put the “fun” in fundraiser when they decided on how to raise money for their involvement in Tidal Impact 2011 this coming July. They included the entire church by asking everyone to bring their change and drop it in a large water bottle each Sunday for several weeks.

By the end, the bottle could barely contain the weight and needed to be reinforced by duct tape. The kids gathered to count the money and was pleased to find they had raised $1000. Youth Leader Heather Waugh commented on watching the youth count the donations: “I have never seen kids so focused.”

This is one example of many “fun”draisers that are happening in many of our churches. If your youth group wants to share ways they are raising money for TI 2011, send the story and a picture to churchnews@baptist-atlantic.ca and we’ll post it here.

TI 2011 Team Registration opening very soon!

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