“Yeah God!”

Minto UBC

On Wednesday, December 1, 2010, the gym walls of the UBC of Minto were echoing with excitement! Over the last few years our youth ministry has grown from a few youth to an average of just over 50 people a week. Well this night was slightly different. The youth had invited their parents/guardians and there were roughly 130 excited voices anticipating a great night.

The youth volunteers had the kitchen operating to perfection and the smell of a turkey dinner oozed throughout the church. The youth served their guests with delight. Then we all laughed and celebrated “hidden talents” that were performed by the youth. The atmosphere was electric with joy and love and appreciation. A local teacher stood up and thanked the church as the community responded in a thunderous applause.

We closed the night with a salvation message shared by Rev. Dave Morehouse. He shared how Christ became poor so that we would be made rich. He invited us to accept the invitation of Christ to be his “bride”. About 30 youth and parents raised their hands to signify they wanted to trust in God and His love. All of a sudden, heaven went crazy. The angels kept interrupting my thoughts with loud shouts of “Yeah God!” I’ve had some trouble calming the angels down, but I guess the best way to summarize what happened that night, the night that changed history in Minto forever is, “Yeah God!”

Submitted by Rev. Phil Styles

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