Your Calling is Calling

As believers, we’re all called. Volunteer or vocational. We all have gifts and talents. God wants us to use them to:
strengthen the local church,
lead others to faith in Christ,
and help change our neighbourhoods.

And yet many of us in the church will struggle to know exactly where we fit. What gifts do I have? How can I contribute to God’s mission? What training is available and how do I access it?

The CBAC wants to help.

Over the last few months we have been working on a website resource to assist you in clarifying God’s invitation to join Him on mission in your neighbourhood –

Take a moment to check out the page. You’ll see a welcome video from Dr. Peter Reid along with a couple of other videos – one humorous video about God calling us and our tendency to avoid/ignore his invitation; and another video challenging us about who’s not in our churches, the state of our churches, and the opportunities around us. You also find questions designed to get you thinking about where God is calling you to serve as well as links to some opportunities for further training and sharpening.

What you will also discover is that this website isn’t only for those who are called to pastoral ministry but also for those who are called to volunteer ministry. Volunteer ministry is critical to the church being the church, lives living out the truth of God’s love on our communities.

Whether you are being called to vocational ministry or volunteer ministry we want to invite you to check out the resources that we have on (and will continue to add to) the website.

What else can you do? Share this with someone who needs a tap on the shoulder – “Hey check these videos and website out. I think you should consider God’s call.”

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