What is LeadFresh?

LeadFresh is a new intentional community of CBAC Pastors who want to flourish in their spiritual formation, wellness and leadership skills personally and in community with other spiritual leaders.
The LF Community meets online and in person.

LeadFresh Membership includes:
• One on One sessions with a spiritual director, coach or mentor
• LeadFresh community monthly check-ins
• Online group learning modules in spiritual formation, wellness and leadership development
• Special LeadFresh events
• Spiritual retreats
• Fresh-Engage personal wellness plan
• Self-assessment tools
• LeadFresh resources

Membership Cost*
  • Fresh Basic – $75
  • Fresh Choice – $200
  • Fresh Complete – $400
    *renews annually

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What is involved?
1. Be an active pastor or recent grad
2. Have a desire to intentionally be, live and Lead Fresh
3. Be Willing to grow in Leader formation: Spiritual Formation, Wellness and Leadership Development.
4. Join LeadFresh by choosing a membership (see below)
5. Meet one on one with LeadFresh facilitator
6. Participate in a LeadFresh learning module
7. Practice a healthy rhythm
8. Meet at least 6 times per year with LeadFresh community.
9. Discover, learn, and experience God at work
Why LeadFresh Community is important?
Pastors in the 21st century are at risk in many ways. There have been many research studies with pastors exploring the prevalence of burnout and stress, depression and poor mental health, declining spiritual wellbeing and physical health, clergy marriages & families in crisis, conflict among church leaders, pastors walking away from ministry, and clergy misconduct. Pastors are more at risk.

Barna in their “2017 State of Pastors study” named three areas of risk for pastors: burnout risk, relational risk and spiritual risk. Other research has identified mental health and physical health as also areas of risk.

Areas of pastor risk for pastors can be summarized in 5 risk areas:
1. Spiritual risk
2. Emotional/ psychological,
3. Relational risk
4. Physical risk
5. Vocational risk (burnout)

Our belief is that if we reduce pastoral risk and increase pastoral health and wellbeing we will have healthier and more resilient leaders.
We believe the source of healthy wellbeing for spiritual leaders begins with their relationship with God, nurtures the soul and then overflows into relationship with others.

LF is focused on reducing risk for pastors and increasing health, wellness and resilience for spiritual leaders.

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