Archived copies of past yearbooks are available for download. All files are in Adobe PDF format and require the free Adobe Reader to view and print. Some year book files are quite large.

Please note that if you are on dial up internet you can request a printed copy of the yearbook at no charge. If you are on high speed internet and request a printed copy, there is a $15 + shipping charge to cover our printing and shipping costs.

The Latest

  • Rev. Jack & Elaina Willett’s 50th anniversary open house July 9, 2-5pm, Erb’s Cove Baptist. Best Wishes. Email: 18 hours ago
  • Rev. Jack and Elaina Willett are celebrating their 50th anniversary. They’d like to invite you to an open house… 18 hours ago
  • A special “Thank You” to the Atlantic Baptist Women who presented Paul Carline with a cheque for $7,638.49 for… 2 days ago