Embrace the Call: Resilience, Perseverance & Endurance

embrace-the-call-1200pxWe are broken people who minister to broken people.

At first pass, this phrase may seem bleak, almost depressing. I suppose if we didn’t consider the hope of the Gospel and it’s power to change and transform, then it would be bleak. It’s this reality, however, that has kept me on an even keel through the years (well, as even as it can be in ministry).

We live in a day and age where it seems as if society is able to keep their brokenness, pain and chaos hidden. This is not a bad thing; we can only get to the root of the pain when we are honest about it.

As clergy we are not immune to the effects of our own pain, disappointments and brokenness. Combine this with the responsibility of helping others carry their burdens, the pastoral call can often tax us spiritually, emotionally and physically. Without proper care and attention to these areas we run a risk of burnout, depression and escape. When we walk through the dark valleys sometimes it’s tempting to forget our calling and checkout.

There is a time for us to help carry each other’s burdens, to encourage and support one another.

Enter “Embrace the Call: Resilience, Perseverance & Endurance” – an opportunity for our Pastors to come together to focus on Resilience, Perseverance and Endurance (May 16 & 17, 2016 at Crandall University). We will worship together, celebrate our Lord and reflect on what we personally to be resilient in pursuing our Call.

I encourage you to set aside the time to be with us. We are excited to offer this event at a very reasonable registration rate (which will include a book) as well as a new carpooling perk! There is more information on our event page – https://baptist-atlantic.ca/event/embrace-the-call/. Check it out and register now!

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Garth began ministry as an Associate Executive Minister in September 2012. Garth directs the Centre for Leadership Development and gives oversight to the Board of Ministerial Standards & Education. Previously, Garth served in several CABC churches as well as the Board of Ministerial Standards and Education and the Convention Council. Garth and his wife Heather reside in St. Stephen, NB with their two sons, Connor and Kenton.

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