Our Staff

Our staff are here to serve you. For more info, click on pics or names for bios. To contact staff, you can use the information below their picture or use the Contact Us form and choose the staff from the drop down menu.

Debbie Barriault
Accounting Assistant
506-635-1922 x1008
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Cheryl Ann Beals

Rev. Cheryl Ann Beals
Director of Clergy Formation & Wellness
506-635-1922 x1012
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Heather Burke

Heather Burke
Director of Finance and Treasurer (Interim)
506-635-1922 x1019
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Paul Carline

Paul Carline
Director of Intercultural Ministries
506-635-1922 x1011
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Jacqueline Derrah Admin. Assistant, Youth & Family and Intercultural Ministries; Coordinator, Atlantic Baptist Mission Board (ABMB)
506-635-1922 1014
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Renee Embree

Renee Embree
Director of Youth & Family Ministries
506-635-1922 x1015
Twitter: @r_embree
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Karen Gunn

Karen Gunn
Benefits Coordinator 506-635-1922 x1013
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Rev. Greg Jones
Associate Executive Minister,
Congregational Renewal
506-635-1922 x1004
Twitter: @gwjonescabc
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Wendy Jones
Coordinator of Ministry Priorities
506-635-1922 x1006
Twitter: @wsj108
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Andrew Myers
Communications Manager/Assistant to the Director of Leadership Development
506-635-1922 x1005
Twitter: @andrumyers
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Dr. Peter Reid
Executive Minister

506-635-1922 x1002
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Lottie Reid
Executive Assistant to the Executive Minister
506-635-1922 x1003 Email Lottie


Kevin Vincent
Associate Executive Minister,
New Congregations
506-635-1922 x1016
Twitter: @KevinFVincent
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Sandra Vincent
Administrative Assistant
New Congregations
506-635-1922 x1018
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Heather Waugh
Administrative Assistant
506-635-1922 Email Heather

Dr. Garth Williams
Associate Executive Minister,
Leadership Development
506-635-1922 x1010
Twitter: @drgvw
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