Mission Edge Conference Videos

Mission Edge Conference 2018 was held October 15-17, 2018 in Moncton, NB. For pastors and leaders passionate to see their churches move from maintenance to meaningful mission in their neighbourhoods.


Here are the videos from the first day of the event. More will be added in the coming weeks.

Peter Reid:
Ministry in the Margins

Download: https://vimeo.com/299059437

LeQuita Porter:
Empowerment on the Edge

Download: https://vimeo.com/299058613

Paul Carline:
Natural and Supernatural Hospitality

Download: https://vimeo.com/299058936

Phil Potter: Q&A with
Greg Jones

Download: https://vimeo.com/299060427

Phil Potter #1: A New Edge for the Church

Download: https://vimeo.com/299059812

Preston Pouteaux (via Zoom)

Download: https://vimeo.com/299780688

Stuart Blythe: Discerning God at Work in Your Neighbourhood

Download: https://vimeo.com/302187845

Chris Backert: Church Can Happen Anywhere

Download: https://vimeo.com/302188070

Phil Potter #2: Embracing the New Edge

Download: https://vimeo.com/302188343

Phil Potter #3: A New Edge for Missional Leadership

Download: https://vimeo.com/302188875

Amy Hanson - Reaching & Unleashing Baby Boomers & Beyond

Download: https://vimeo.com/302189346

Renee Embree - Mission Edge & Next Generations

Download: https://vimeo.com/302252850

Kevin Vincent - Mission Edge & New Congregations

Download: https://vimeo.com/302253267

Tim Dickau - How Common Practice Helps Us Navigate Mission in a Complex Situation

Download: https://vimeo.com/302253631

Greg Jones #1 - Markers of Mission Edge

Download: https://vimeo.com/302254091

Greg Jones #2 - Can We Be Mission Edge

Download: https://vimeo.com/302254367

Phil Potter #4 - Beyond the Edge: A New Future

Download: https://vimeo.com/302254937

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