Celebrating 60 Years of Ordained Ministry

rev-john-bartol-60-yrsA Service of Celebration and Memories was held on Sep 20th at the Liverpool Baptist Church, as family and friends gathered to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Ordination for Rev. Dr. John Bartol. Dr. Bartol, hale and hearty at age 86, delivered the message, “The 4 Winds and the Voice of God” – a message that he first preached on Jan. 6, 1957! A reception followed the service, with many photo ops including a picture with 14 people who were baptised by Dr. John in years 1955-58 and also one of couples for whom he had performed marriage ceremonies. Everyone left tired – but touched – by the sincerity and faith of a humble man of God who has served his Lord for 60 years – and counting!

rev-john-carol-bartol-60-yrsOn behalf of the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches, we offer our sincere congratulations and deepest thanks to John for his commitment to the local church and the kingdom of God. God’s blessings to you and Carol as you continue to serve Him!

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