Easter Baptisms – Part 2

Here’s part two of our Easter Sunday baptism series. This one was sent in by Rev. Gordon Dickinson and describes baptism as a pastor and a parent. The baptisms took place at Cornerstone Baptist Church, Cornwall site, PEI.

“This year, the celebration of Easter Sunday at Cornerstone Baptist Church was in full force as six young believers entered into the death and resurrection of Jesus through baptism. For any parents who are followers of Christ, it’s a blessing to see their children choose to take the same path with conviction and faith.”

“When you’re a pastor and you get to be the one taking their hand, asking the questions, laying them down and raising them up… well, it’s hard to describe the power and beauty of what it was like to be part of that moment with my two girls. I know each of the parents had a similar sense of joy. Pastor Phil Woodworth baptized one of his daughters as well.”

“These young followers of Jesus are an incredible sign of hope for us all, reminding us that no matter what “death” surrounds us Christ is alive within His church.”


Read part 1 here: https://baptist-atlantic.ca/news/easter-baptisms-part-1/

Photo credit: Simon Reid

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