Moving Forward in Faith (Part 3)

hillsborough-baptistRev. Joseph Crandall planted Hillsborough Baptist Church (HBC) in 1822. Imagine all of the changes that have happened in the 191 years since! As followers of God, saved by Jesus’ sacrifice, led by His Spirit desiring to do nothing less than the will of the Father, we continue in a season of tremendous change and great challenge.

I see four major changes happening at HBC. They are the Natural Church Development process, becoming incorporated as an organisation, the move to a new site and facility and the deepening of our prayer experience. This article is about the new building.

The change of location from the Main St. site to Braam Crescent that is coming this year is one of the most obvious changes. Since arriving in the summer, the site has been transformed from the topsoil turned field into a genuinely remarkable community impacting facility. Jim Reid and the Building Committee have gone way beyond the second mile in serving the Lord on this project.

hillsborough-03-01The choice to build a fifth time since 1822 was made with no small amount of prayer and discussion. The current facility sits on the same site as a Catholic Church that was burnt by the English during the 1755 Acadian Expulsion. It has served well since its completion in 1911. The need for better accessibility and parking are factors in the need to relocate.

hillsborough-03-02The new site is on a 46-acre property located off Salem Rd. Features that are already a part of this location include a 20,000 sq. ft. community garden, a full soccer field, skating ponds and lots of open space for future development.

The building is 20,207 sq. ft. and will have a gymnasium, several classrooms, nursery, kitchen facility, several offices for staff, a prayer / boardroom, library, music room and contemporary worship sanctuary that will be able to seat 400+. A major improvement will be the large foyer that will allow for many connections before and after services.

hillsborough-03-03On our website there is a link to the live camera – from which you can see the new construction happening. Check out (aerial photos courtesy of Shelley Rodgers MacDonald). The building is being completed in phases. We will have more information about the move in upcoming announcements to the Convention family.

Watch for part four coming soon!

Submitted by Rev. Tim Johnson, Senior Pastor, Hillsborough Baptist Church
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