New Canaan Sunday School Reunion

New cAnaan Sunday School Reunion

It’s been 50 years since the current building of the New Canaan United Baptist Church on Rte. 112, NB, has been built. Many children, and adults too, came to Sunday School in this little country church over those years. They have since been scattered from coast to coast of Canada, and beyond.

This summer we are planning to hold a Sunday School Reunion on July 23rd.
We hope many of our former Sunday School members, their families and friends can join us in celebration. We are looking forward to a time of reconnecting with old friends, and getting reacquainted and updated on their lives.
We are planning to have a Registration and Meet and Greet from 2:30-4:30 pm., to give folks time to meet and chat with old friends. There will be children’s activities for those who have young families. Pony Rides (all ages) and an Inflatable Bouncer (up to age 12) will be part of the fun, weather permitting.
At 4:30 pm we’ll be sharing a Picnic Supper. Please bring something to share for a cold lunch, for example, salads, sandwiches, veggies, chips, cheese, fruit, sweets, etc. Please bring any perishable food in a cooler and keep it in the cooler until lunch time. Also, if you can, please bring lawn chairs.

After the meal we’ll all gather in the sanctuary (around 5:30 pm) for an Old Fashioned Sunday School Opening, joining in singing some of the old favourites. We’ll also have a Bible Story, Puppets and some Music and Memories. If you have any memories of your days in Sunday School, we’d love to hear them.

We’ll finish up the evening with Coffee and Desserts after the program. We hope anyone who had any connection to New Canaan will be able to come out and make our day complete.

If you ever attended New Canaan Sunday School and are on Facebook you can search for New Canaan United Baptist Sunday School and ask to join our Facebook group for updates. Also look for our event page: New Canaan United Baptist Sunday School Reunion.

For further information contact Debbie at

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