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Current Issue: Extras

New Hope Community Church
The story of God bringing together two congregations to become one church with a new identity.

Riverview Campus of the Journey Church
The story of the revitalization of Riverview Baptist Church as the Riverview Campus of the Journey Church, creating new opportunities for ministry in their neighbourhood.

The Crossing Church
The Crossing Church is reimagining a new vision for joining God in their neighbourhood, and how they have helped another congregation replant in the process. Watch for this video story to be released in mid-2022!

New Horizons Baptist Church
New funding has been secured for the Richard Preston Centre for Excellence, the community support hub of New Horizons Baptist Church, enabling programs such as tutoring and mentoring, youth programming, community gatherings, and other amenities. We were excited to hear the news of this announcement and we encourage you to follow the New Horizons Facebook page for more news on this.

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Letter from Our Executive Minister

Dear friends,

I want to take this moment to thank you as a church family for being part of this mission partnership of more than four hundred churches, Associations, and organizations that is the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada. Together, our CBAC is making a kingdom difference throughout Atlantic Canada and beyond. Thank you for joining God in your neighbourhood. Thank you for being faithful in prayer and supporting the vision of the CBAC.

It is my privilege to offer you this issue of The Neighbourhood, in which we share some of the exciting work that we are doing together on behalf of our churches and organizations.

Thousands of dollars of your donations are given back to Associations, to churches through mission initiative grants, and to key partner organizations, including Canadian Baptist Ministries, Crandall University, and Acadia Divinity College.

Your giving helps us facilitate vital initiatives: for pastors to experience spiritual and emotional healing; for new congregations to come to life; for the renewal of struggling churches; for ongoing leadership development; for impacting and resourcing next-generation ministries and their leaders; and for assisting new Canadians.

I also want to remind you that the only funding that the CBAC receives is from the churches that support our ministry. Our work is carried out with a budget approved by delegates at Oasis, our annual meeting. With this in mind, we ask for your continued prayer and generous financial support throughout 2022 as we seek to meet our obligations.

We gratefully acknowledge your investment in our CBAC—on mission together and calling people to Christ. We pray for you with thankfulness and ask that you continue to pray for us.

My friends, God is at work in our neighbourhoods. Amid moments of uncertainty and challenge, let there be no doubt that Jesus will always be the unshakeable hope and reason for our work. Thank you for your membership in our Atlantic Baptist family as we join Him and journey forward.

Rev. Dr. Peter Reid
Executive Minister