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Spring 2023 Issue

CBAC Justice Summit
See content from the Justice Summit and check out our Justice & Advocacy resource library

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Spring 2022 Issue

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New Hope Community Church
The story of God bringing together two congregations to become one church with a new identity.

Riverview Campus of the Journey Church
The story of the revitalization of Riverview Baptist Church as the Riverview Campus of the Journey Church, creating new opportunities for ministry in their neighbourhood.

The Crossing Church
The Crossing Church is reimagining a new vision for joining God in their neighbourhood, and how they have helped another congregation replant in the process. Watch for this video story to be released in mid-2022!

New Horizons Baptist Church
New funding has been secured for the Richard Preston Centre for Excellence, the community support hub of New Horizons Baptist Church, enabling programs such as tutoring and mentoring, youth programming, community gatherings, and other amenities. We were excited to hear the news of this announcement and we encourage you to follow the New Horizons Facebook page for more news on this.