Intercultural Ministries

The CBAC Inter-Cultural Ministry department is up and running. Is your church wondering about, exploring or already engaged in cross-cultural outreach and fellowship? Paul Carline would love to meet, learn from, encourage and help you. Paul can be available for Sunday pulpit ministry and also has an adaptable workshop on mission, culture and hospitality called “Loving Strangers”. Contact the Inter-Cultural Ministries Department:

  • Paul Carline, Director:; 506-635-1922 ext. 106 – Paul is the Director of Intercultural Ministries. If you have questions about any of the ministries or services of this department or if you would like for Paul to speak at your church or with your sponsorship team than please feel free to contact him.
  • Refugee Sponsorship:
    • Mrs. Jacqueline Derrah:
      ; 506-635-1922 ext 115 – For general inquiries about refugee sponsorship, to schedule Paul or one of our volunteers to preach in your church or facilitate an information session, to help you select a family for sponsorship.
    • Please note: We are unable to accept unsolicited applications for permanent residence from refugees overseas.
Theology of Hospitality
Refugee Sponsorship

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Message from the Paul Carline, Director:
I am very honoured and privileged to be working in and with the CBAC family and to be part of this Holy Spirit movement of cross-cultural hospitality. If you would like to learn more about this new department or if we could encourage and assist your inter-cultural endeavours in any way please contact me by email or phone 506-635-1922 ext. 105.

Paul Carline

Paul Carline, Director of Intercultural Ministries

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