Pension & Benefits

Through our Pension and Benefits Board, the CBAC is able to provide excellent pension and benefits services for staff of our CBAC churches, Acadia Divinity College, Crandall University and other church-related agencies. We are part of the National Pension & Insurance Committee, which gives oversight to the Canadian Baptist Pension Plan and most of the other benefits provided (Life and disability insurances, Employee Assistance Program EAP 1-800-387-4765). We locally administer the medical/dental program. Housing subsidies are available for retired ordained pastors or their widows/widowers who reside in apartments or houses owned by Atlantic Baptist Housing. The Board also provides pension subsidies for pastors on low income and financial assistance for the widows, widowers and/or orphans of our pastors.

2017 Treasurer’s Newsletter + Salary Worksheet

What We Provide:

Who To Contact:
  • Karen Gunn, Benefits Coordinator – Email Karen, or phone 506-635-1922 ext 108.

Pension and Insurance Board
  • Young, Robert (Bob), Chair
  • Eager, Charles, Vice-Chair
  • Bodechon, Toby
  • Day, Valerie
  • DeMone, Linda
  • Burke, Heather Treasurer
  • Gunn, Karen, Benefits Coordinator

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