Pension and Benefits Board

Role: The role of the Pension and Benefits Board is to carry out the mandate given to it by the CBAC, which is to serve the CBAC by:

  1. Providing financial assistance in cases of need for our pastors, their spouses, widows, widowers, or orphans, and returned missionaries residing in the Atlantic Provinces;
  2. Administering a CBAC Retirement Plan for CBAC employees, pastors, and others who qualify under the Regulations of the Board; and
  3. Administering a Group Insurance Plan or Plans for CBAC employees, pastors and others who qualify under the Regulations of the Board.

Information about Pension & Benefits can be found here:

Current Pension and Benefits Board


  • Young, Robert (Bob), Chair
  • Eager, Charles, Vice-Chair
  • Bodechon, Toby
  • Day, Valerie
  • DeMone, Linda
  • Burke, Heather CBAC Treasurer
  • Gunn, Karen, Benefits Coordinator

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