Associate Executive Minister (New Congregations)
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As one of three Associate Executive Ministers, Kevin’s portfolio includes:

If we are to transform our Atlantic region, we need churches with a “whatever it takes attitude” and followers of Jesus with a deep conviction that it is “not about me”, it’s about the legacy I can leave behind by playing my part in building God’s Kingdom.

Now is the time for us to create and leave a new heritage for future generations. It will demand sacrifice and change. This will be painful but pain is inevitable. The question is this: will we choose the pain that leads to death or the pain that leads to life?

The Centre for New Congregations exists to work with churches that choose the pain that leads to life and make choices that build the Kingdom. Some churches need to be re-planted, merge, begin or become a new “site”, while some communities need a brand new “church plant”.

Multiplication must become our heartbeat.

If your church has a dream to reshape itself for a new day and to leave a lasting legacy for future generations, if you are willing to consider choosing the pain that leads to life and a brighter future, then please contact the Centre for New Congregations!

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Kevin grew up in LA (more commonly referred to as Lower Apohaqui, NB). He graduated from Crandall University with a BA in Biblical Studies and Acadia Divinity College with a Masters of Divinity degree. Kevin has capably served on various boards and committees within the CBAC and in his community, completed the Arrow Leadership Program, and has served on the national board of Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. In 2013 Kevin was the recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award from Acadia Divinity College.

He served in youth ministry for 10 years at First Baptist Church (Dartmouth NS) before returning to his hometown in 1996 to re-plant the tiny Apohaqui Baptist Church. Since that time, the church has grown to a congregation of 550-650 people who worship and serve each week from two locations (Apohaqui and Hampton).

Kevin is married to Sandra, and they have three children.

He concluded ministry at ACC in March 2016 and moved from part-time to full-time with the CBAC as Associate Executive Minister for New Congregations.