Role: Canadian Baptists choose to unite as churches, denominations (Canadian Baptists of Western Canada, Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec, Union d’Eglises Baptistes Françaises Au Canada and Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada) and women’s organizations (Baptist Women of Ontario and Quebec, Atlantic Baptist Women and Women in Focus) to give leadership to their local and regional ministries. As well to give leadership to their national and global ministries Canadian Baptist through their Canadian Baptist partners and Women’s Organizations have also chosen to establish Canadian Baptist Ministries. It is important that these organizations relate to each other in an effective and harmonious way on behalf of the Canadian Baptists and in service to the Lord Jesus.

The Atlantic Section of Canadian Baptist Ministries is composed of three members appointed by the CBAC, plus the President of Atlantic Baptist Women, and the Executive Minister (who is an ex officio member without vote). These people comprise the full Board of Canadian Baptist Ministries, along with equivalent appointees from the other conventions/unions and women’s organizations.


  • Nylen, Rob (2024)
  • McDonald, Mike (2025)
  • One vacancy