Baptist Historical Committee

Role: The role of the Baptist Historical Committee is to collect, sustain and reproduce various historical resources of our Baptist Heritage. The Board also appoints the members of the Baptist Heritage Series Editorial Committee. The members are responsible for deciding on the use of the budget of the committee, responding to issues important to the history of Baptists, encouraging authors and collectors of material and seeking to share enthusiasm for our history with our people.

Built Heritage Project

Baptist Historical Committee Members:

  • Baxter, Ron (To Retire 2018)
  • Murray, James (To Retire 2018)
  • Carpenter, Sterling (To Retire 2019)
  • Kinsman, Brian (To Retire 2019)
  • Soleil-Day, Shirley (To Retire 2019)
  • Fevens, Wayne (To Retire 2020)
  • Grant, Keith S. (To Retire 2020)
  • McGaw, Helen (To Retire 2020)

Ex Officio – CBAC Executive Minister & CBAC President
Co-opted Advisory Member – Alma Johnston-Tynes


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